Things to Consider When Choosing Ceramic&Porcelain Tiles

Things to Consider When Choosing Ceramic&Porcelain Tiles

ceramic&porcelain tiles

Ceramic&porcelain tiles are generally indoors; It is an important covering material used in all living spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and corridors. Outdoors, are frequently preferred in balconies, terraces, and gardens. Since ceramics and porcelain are products with high resistance to water and moisture, they are a complete savior, especially in wet areas. Ceramic&porcelain tiles models; It has many features such as different textures, different cuts, different surfaces, and different sizes. Therefore, we can say that it offers you numerous options. In this sense, we have classified these unique products for you to make it easier for you to find the product you need. In this way, you can easily decide what to pay attention to when choosing.

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Firstly, we can briefly talk about the advantages of ceramics.

Advantages of Ceramics

  • Tiles are long lasting and durable products.
  • Tiles aren’t affected by temperature differences, so they are also used outdoors. They are resistant to heat.
  • Ceramic tiles has high resistance to chemicals and surface cleaners.
  • Thanks to their high resistance to water and humidity, they are the most preferred coating products in wet areas.
  • Ceramic &Porcelain Tiles coatings are easy to clean and do not require extra maintenance.
  • They are hard and durable products as they are produced in very high temperature ovens.
  • Tile has many options such as patterned, unpatterned, matte, glossy, rectified, unrectified, which will be compatible with every decoration style.
  • They are products that do not harm nature and human health.

Ceramic&Porcelain Appearance Models

Ceramics and porcelain don't just have marble or stone looks. With the developing technology, you can find ceramic or porcelain main material with many different model options. This diversity shows you how useful these materials are and can reflect any decoration style. E.g; If you want to create a parquet appearance on the floor in an area exposed to steam such as a kitchen, wood-like ceramic models are for you.

The order of the ceramic&porcelain models according to their appearance is as follows.

  • Wooden Ceramic Models
  • Patterned Ceramic Models
  • Straight Ceramic Models
  • Marble Ceramic Models
  • Rectified Ceramic Models
  • Rectified Ceramic Models
  • Stone Ceramic Models
  • Travertine Ceramic Models
ceramic&porcelain tiles

You can choose among these models according to the general decoration style of your home and achieve the decoration of your dreams. Generally, for decoration styles with minimal and modern looks; straight or marble-like ceramic models are preferred more often.

Rectified and non-rectified ceramic models will only make a difference regarding the cut of the ceramic, that is, the edge combination. In this sense, if we talk about it briefly; rectified tiles mean their edges have been corrected. Rectifying, in other words, is the removal of curvilinear surfaces on the edges of ceramics.  There may be height differences between the joints in ceramic coatings, therefore the joint edges of the rectified ceramics are cut again so that the edge joints of the ceramic are almost indistinct.

ceramic&porcelain tiles

While non-rectified ceramics are suitable for those who prefer a clear view of the joint filling, rectified models will be suitable for those who want the corner joints to be almost completely closed and to be integral.

As you can see, ceramics&porcelains are produced in very different appearances. We definitely recommend you evaluate these options for the decoration style of your dreams.


 Ceramic&Porcelain Surface Models


Ceramic types are determined according to their usage areas. E.g; Anti-slip (non-slip floor) or matte floor ceramics should be preferred in case of accidents that may occur in wet areas such as bathrooms, balconies, and terraces. You can create more flamboyant designs with glossy ceramics, semi-gloss ceramics, or porcelain ceramics in entrances, corridors, or living rooms.

The type of ceramic is as important as its design. The right choices in decoration will bring comfort.


Things to Consider When Choosing Ceramics&Porcelain


We have compiled the information below for you, which you should pay attention to when making your choice, based on all the ceramic and porcelain features we mentioned above.

  • Ceramics and porcelain are available in a variety of finishes, including gloss, semi-gloss, matte, and anti-slip. Choose ceramics with a texture that complements your decorating style and the location you will be using.
  • In wet places such as bathrooms, terraces, balconies, and poolsides, antislip tiles should be used. Shiny ceramics are also more slippery than matte ceramics.
  • Tiles come in a variety of sizes, including 30x60, 50x50, and 60x120. In this regard, you should select goods that are appropriate for the breadth of the application area. Large tiles, for example, might make a small area feel even smaller.
  • The life of ceramic tiles can be extended if they are put with tile adhesive.
  • You can use corrected ceramics to make a jointless, more nearby application on your ceramics.
  • Apply a suitable joint filler/grout to your ceramic tiles. In this case, you should select joint fillers that are color-matched to your ceramics.
  • Do not forget to add an extra 10% to your order as an overage. Because some tiles may need to be trimmed at corners during installation.
  • Choose ceramic models that reflect you and are compatible with your décor if you want to feel happy every time you use them.
  • Areas where ceramic and porcelain tiles are used; can be used in a variety of settings, including the home, terrace, bathroom, kitchen, entrance, balcony, restaurant, school, café, store, hospital, business, warehouse, and so on.

 In this article, we have provided you with information about what you should pay attention to when choosing ceramics & porcelain. Do not forget to follow us for modern and reflective living spaces. We hope it was useful for you. You can contact us at any time and share your questions and opinions with us at any time. With, you can add the most valuable touch to your living spaces at affordable prices. You can reach the most trendy ceramic & porcelain tiles from the link below.