Products for Bathroom Flooring

Products for Bathroom Flooring

When choosing flooring for your bathroom, you should choose affordable products with colors and textures that match your general decoration style. Since the bathroom is a wet area, you should choose products that are resistant to water and moisture. In this sense, it is necessary to have knowledge of correct and high quality materials. Especially in wet areas such as bathrooms, water leakage is very important. Because if water leaks onto the floor, it may be necessary to remove the bathroom floor and re-application.

For bathroom flooring products; You can choose alternative flooring materials such as vinyl, ceramic or water-proof laminate. These products are completely different from each other both visually and in terms of price. Are you creating a new design or are you doing the renovation on the existing one? It is very important for long-term use that you include original, quality, and stylish flooring in your bathroom decoration.



Marble, with its natural and unique texture, will allow you to create remarkable designs in your bathroom. Marbles, which also have a historical background, reflect the most beautiful state of natural stone with numerous color and texture options and are very long-lasting. Thanks to the luxurious and impressive structure of marble, you can make the time you spend in your bathroom more enjoyable. You can create any style of bathroom you want with these products, which have different surface treatments.


Ceramic& Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic& Porcelain Tiles raw material contains natural materials such as clay, kaolin, quartz and feldspar. After these natural materials are mixed at a certain rate, they take the form of dough and pass to the pressing process. As a final step, they are baked in high-temperature ovens pre-heated to 1100 degrees. Since natural materials are used in ceramic & porcelain tiles production, they don't harm human health.

Bathroom ceramics are one of the most preferred floorings in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to their water and moisture resistance, as well as being affordable. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to clean and will be a savior for your bathrooms with their adaptability to every decoration style. The dimensions of the bathrooms will affect the color of the product you choose. For small bathrooms, light colored ceramics such as white and cream will make your bathroom seem larger.

The size of your bathroom and the light it receives determine the color of the ceramic you choose. E.g; In bathrooms that receive little light from a small window, you can create a more spacious area if you prefer white and light-colored tile models. In this way, the light that will reflect off the light-colored tiles will create in a natural environment. In order to create contrast in your bathroom, which you have tiled with light-colored ceramics, you can also have a dark ceramic coating on the wall surface where the sink is located. We recommend that you buy all the products you will buy for your bathroom flooring with at least 10% application waste. This is important on behalf of the small parts spent in the corners during application.

Bathroom ceramic models are generally preferred glossy for a more hygienic appearance. Glossy ceramic models are more slippery on the floor compared to matte ones. For this reason, you can choose a glossy product on your walls while choosing a matte product to prevent slipping on the floor.

Pvc Flooring

PVC-containing floor coverings can also be preferred in bathrooms as they are not affected by water. They provide easy cleaning with their antibacterial properties. With many different color and pattern alternatives, you can find models suitable for every style. Since they are highly durable and hygienic, they are used quite frequently, especially in areas such as hospitals.

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