How Should Kitchen Faucet Selection Be?

How Should Kitchen Faucet Selection Be?

Kitchen decoration gains integrity with frequently used detail products. Products such as countertops, sinks, faucets can make your kitchen look dazzling with their material quality and unique design. Since plumbing materials are used many times during the day, they must be produced from quality materials and must be guaranteed. If you prefer a functional, aesthetic, and quality product, you can use the product for a lifetime.

Since kitchen faucet models are sold online with all material details and technical drawings, you do not need to visit the stores. With your online order, you will save time and have the chance to see countless models at the same time. You should definitely read the product details when choosing a kitchen faucet. How should kitchen faucet selection be? We answered the question for you.


How Should Kitchen Faucet Selection Be?

Faucet Type

You can choose your kitchen faucet type according to your frequency of use and the size of your kitchen.


 It consists of a rotating tube and two crane axle boxes. Provides regulation of water supply. Crane-axle boxes are durable as they are generally produced from rubber gaskets and ceramics. When the rubber gasket is deformed, it can be replaced. Since ceramic is a durable material, it is used for many years. Such products should have a large water filter in order not to spoil your pressurized water crane.

Single Arm

These models offer the most practical use and are among the most preferred models. It is used easily with a single lever. Since the adjustment part of the cartridge works with a single lever, the valve can be opened and closed. The more quality cartridges used in such faucet models, the longer their lifespan will be.

Single Arm


Sensor faucet models are very modern models that have been used frequently recently. Cranes of this type differ greatly from others. Its design includes only a spout and an electronic water supply control system. There are no other parts in its skeleton-like other models. It works thanks to a sensor that responds to infrared radiation. The cost of the sensor working faucet is higher than the others.

How Should Kitchen Faucet Selection Be?

Shape& Length

The use of materials suitable for your kitchen concept is very important in capturing the image you want. First of all, you should have the knowledge of the material used in the style you want. You can find faucet models suitable for every concept, but what are you looking for first? Knowing the answer to this question will make your job easier. A model with a crane length of less than 18 cm, no larger than 23,5 cm and a width of 24 and 28 cm may be ideal for your kitchen faucet.


While choosing reliable, hygienic and functional products is a priority, it is also very important that the faucet is compatible with the kitchen sink and that it looks holistic. In this sense, a wide variety of faucet designs are produced with the developing technology. You can come across many different battery models designed in a straight, curved or zig-zag shape. Extendable headboard models in kitchens will offer comfort of use.

Kitchen Faucet


Faucet service life is mostly associated with the material produced.

  • Although a heat-resistant plastic or metal faucet is considered suitable materials, plastic-containing materials can be damaged over time.
  • Products made of chrome are very long-lasting, but make sure that the chrome color is compatible with the general decoration color of your kitchen. The chrome-plated faucet can quickly reflect dust and water drops.
  • Although kitchen faucet models made of cheap alloys and materials such as zinc-aluminum-copper are useful at first, they may not be long-lasting.Kitchen Faucet